Tulip Trade Event 2020

Tulip Trade Event 2020

From Wednesday to Friday, 18-20 March 2020, the participants in the Tulip Trade Event are opening their doors. This event is being organised for the fifth time this year and is enjoying increasing attention from its public. With a new participant this edition, the total number of participating companies during this edition amounts to thirteen.

During the Tulip Trade Event, visitors from abroad as well as locally are offered a splendid overview of what Dutch tulip breeders and exporters have on offer. The participating companies, spread over the provinces of North and South Holland, invite interested parties to examine their assortments, discuss new trends and developments, and exchange ideas about the future of the tulip. And just like previous years, the Tulip Trade Event is the stage for the introduction of innovations.

Accessible event
This event is especially interesting for foreign visitors as they can attend 13 open days in just three consecutive days. Since they can simply walk in without making an appointment, the Tulip Trade Event is easily accessible and highly appreciated. The participants provide not only the opportunity to examine their assortment, there is also room for personal talks. They often also display related products along with the tulips, such as flower bulbs in pots. Visitors to the Tulip Trade Event are assured of going home with lots of information and inspiration.




Feb 4, 2020